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From Standard to Custom-Built Functionalities


Content Management System to control website text, image, media content as well as menu systems, and site configuration.

Beautiful User Interfaces

Well-designed and intuitive user interfaces, backed by web best practices and leading-edge trends and approaches.

Categorization & Search

From simple keyword search to custom content categorization, filtering, and advanced search.

3rd-Party Applications

ntegration with 3rd-party applications to extend site functionality such as Google Maps, 3rd-party widgets and web services.

Social Media

Social media sharing and publishing of site content, social pages following, and social media apps and widgets integration.


Publishing various formats of feeds such as rss, and integration with external feeds as sources of content.


From user newsletters subscription to mailing list management and creation of newsletters from site contents

Analytics & SEO

Integration with analytics and reporting tools for search engine optimization and digital marketing, as well as tools to manage and improve SEO.

About Me

I am a Web Developer
Web Developer, Designer, Programmer

I have been working in web development for 3 years ago. If you have any idea about the web or mobile development, welcome to contact me directly. I may help you. :)

  • HTML & CSS
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Graphic Design

My Projects

As a web developer, I like to develop and create new web program and specical functions.

iPhone7 HK 資訊站

  • Information for Apple devices
  • Introduce my program “AOS alert / I.R. alert / Fortress alert / Price rate of iPhone products
  • Promote my IR Alert Telegram Channel
  • Apple news


Developed on OpenCart, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS


Developed on Wordpress CMS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS


Developed on Wordpress CMS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS

Vainglory Hong Kong

Developed on Wordpress CMS, BBpress, Profile Builder, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS

HK BMI Calculator

Android App

Tronic Electronics

Developed on ASP.NET, JQuery, SQL, and PHP

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